Viessmann 5200 light transformer 16V, 52 VA

Product no.: Viessmann 5200 Lichttrafo 16V, 52 VA

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Itemnumber: 5200

Description: Light transformer 16 V, 52 VA

                                 The transformer is used to supply the model railway accessories, z. As lights, signals and points, with the required for the operation of low voltage. Suitable for all model railway systems. A built-in overload protection prevents damage in case of overload and short circuit by switching off the transformer in good time. Specifications: Input voltage 230 V ~, output voltage 10 and 16 V ~, maximum power 52 VA. Dimensions: L 13 x W 7 x H 5 cm.



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Fleischmann 9453 Interior lighting f. dare Fleischmann 9453 Interior lighting f. dare
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